In which we embark on a new journey

Librarians spend their lives finding information for others.  We research, verify facts, provide sources, and point people in a direction.  If we are true to our profession, we do so without bias.  We spend our lives satisfying the intellectual needs and curiosities of others.

giraffe shark

John and Cindy

Well, I’m sick of that!  I want to try things!  I want to embark on adventures with sketchy data and vague planning.  My co-worker John and I have decided to grab life by the horns and start experimenting.    We are going to try new things, and then cite them.  Experience first, research after! But we are librarians, after all, so of course, there will be research.  This blog will record our adventures and provide insight into our general impulsiveness, providing the info on whatever we decide to try.  Join us, or die!


The Next Thing- FitSticks

A friend of mine is a Fit Team consultant and purveyor of Fit Sticks, a dietary supplement that is added to a bottle of water and consumed twice daily.  It purports to help you lose weight, burn fat, and suppress appetite.  It’s also accompanied by a 1200-1500 calorie diet.  I’m trying it for two weeks!  Let’s see what happens.  I’m not going to strictly stick to the diet, as I’m still nursing my baby girl, but I’m tracking calorie intake and tying to stick to around 1500 calories.  


I felt fabulous after my third full day of the juice cleanse and cucumbers.  Fabulous!  Full of energy, focused, and not hungry at all.  I lost 4 pounds. Adding food back into my diet was difficult.  Everything I ate made me feel bloated and slightly nauseated.

The biggest issue with the cleanse was the social pressure.  The world wants you to eat.  Your friends want you to eat.  Without a partner, i think committing to something like this would be extremely difficult.

That being said, i would like to try and “cleanse” a couple of times a year.  I think I’ll just make my own juice next time!



One unfortunate side effect (or coincidence?) from the cleanse is an oily, breaking out face.  My skin is almost slick!  The instructions said this was a possibility, but I had scoffed at that, not convinced that the escaping “toxins” would have any effect.  Well, they did!  So I decided to use my favorite detox face mask to try and fight it!  Detox all around!!!  This mask is the awesomely named Cackle Spackle from Perfectly Posh, my new favorite line of self care products.  It looks odd, but it’s so refreshing!  Charcoal gives it the grey color, but it smells great, sharp and minty, and it cleans and tightens my skin like crazy!  Hopefully, now that the cleanse is ending, the mask and the reintroduction to real food will end the oil spill!  

Almost there

7:43 pm on day three!  One and a half bottles of juice to go!  I made the mistake of eating a couple of my son’s French fries and my stomach is in complete revolt!  I will definitely have to take it easy with re-entry tomorrow.  

Today was definitely the best day for me.  I felt good all day, not too hungry, and I actually have a bottle of juice left, my last UpBEET.  I’m going to save it to use as smoothie base in the future.  I’m finishing my last Detox Greens, which I find really difficult to drink (it’s very swamp waterish), then I have the best for last! Spicy Lemonade!  This bottle is lemon juice, water, agave, and cayenne pepper.  This recipe is very similar to the original Master Cleanse recipe, and I find it super delicious.  The mix of spicy tart is perfect for my taste buds, as I don’t prefer overly sweet drinks in general.  I plan on making this recipe whenever I feel like I need a little boost! 


So this morning I feel pretty fantastic. I’ve got lots of energy and a clear ability to focus. I’ve lost three pounds so far, and the headaches of the first day are gone!  Hunger pangs are few and far between!  Of course, it’s the last day, but I feel like I’ve finally adjusted.  I do need to go grocery shopping later though, which will be the real test!  I can’t wait to drink my cashew milk!  

Blood of my enemies

Motivation is difficult to find tonight.  I did great yesterday, and okay this morning, but now that I’m home it’s tough. John and I keep each other on point at work, but my family isn’t as concerned.  So far, I don’t really see any benefit from the cleanse, except I’m headachy and grumpy, but I want to stay the course.  

Tonight, I drank UpBeet as my “dinner” juice.  It’s an off putting thick, red color.  It tastes okay, it’s just hard to get past the color and texture.  My three year old ran gleefully around the room yelling, “Mommy’s drinking blood, Mommy’s drinking blood!  Mommy’s a scary vampire!”  While I’m proud of his knowledge of folklore/monsters, this doesn’t encourage me to keep consuming the juice.  

O+ Juice